• Coaching for auditions, competitions and exams

As Soloist, musician and pedagogue he gained a lot of experience by teaching at numerous international academies and universities of music. This can profitably be conveyed in preparations for auditions, competitions and exams, which is a very professional way to succeed in your studies.
Consulting service in study methods
Have you got the impression that you practise a lot but the result is dissatisfying? I can offer the opportunity to analyse and intervene according to techniques and study methods.
advanced training courses for teachers

  • Consulting service in case of buying and selling instruments.

I perform in a concert hall and you listen.

You get to know your instrument as antique, professional tool Scientific steering to your Bachelor or Master of Arts’ degree Classic performance in violin, chamber music at the Prayner Academy of music, Vienna; Jazz violin at the Academy of Music Vienna Private lessons (on appointment)

Private tutoring starting at € 50,- per lesson unit according to demands of teaching
Master classes, consulting service at schools of music, academies and universities: € 200,- per day (a maximum of 5 hours) plus arising travel and accommodation expenses as well as a day rate. Consulting service due to buying an instrument: 10 percent of purchase price