Konstantin Weitz began his studies at the former Academy of Music in Vienna (today the University of Music) at Prof. Josef Drevo. First he was in a so called preparation class (till 1970), then he majored in violin performance. At the age of eleven he was committed by the Austrian National TV broadcast for the serial “Musik kennt keine Grenzen” (music across the borders). Later he studied viola at Prof. Hatto Beyerle.

Afterwards he studied at Thomas Christian at the Academy of Music in Vienna, at Heimo Haitto, Nachum Ehrlich (Finland) and finally at Sergej Kravtshenko (Moscow), who was former assistant of L. Kogan. Today he is one of the most outstanding pedagogues at the Tschaikowsky Academy of Moscow. Besides he had been the teacher of Viktoria Mullowa and Sergej Krylow, the winner of the Viennese Fritz Kreisler competition.

Weitz majored in violin at the Sibelius Academy of Music in Helsinki. He was awarded the licentiate diploma of the Royal Academy in London (L.R.A.M.). He also successfully passed master classes amongst others at Valerie Klimov and Max Rostal.